I believe new music should be exciting and fulfilling to play.

As a classically trained composer who also conducts and plays the piano professionally I know how important it is to feel physically and emotionally connected to the music you play.

It’s not only about music that sounds great or expresses the composer’s emotions. I want you to experience the same kind of excitation you have when playing a Beethoven or Brahms sonata, the physical delight of being one with your instrument, so you can then bring the joy of music to your audience.

I’ll listen to your wishes and craft a unique piece for you and your instrument.
A piece that reflect your musical personality and will hopefully become a centerpiece of your repertoire.

I composed for inspiring musicians such as Naomi Shaham (Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Israel Philarmonic) Elsa Dreisig (Opera Singer – Berlin Philharmoniker, Festival d’Aix) rising star Sasha Witteveen, Laura Rouy, Fiona Monbet and Romain Louveau.

For each piece, I used my training rooted in the classical tradition (I studied harmony and counterpoint at Paris’s Conservatory) and my experience as a performer to craft the most satisfying music to play, music that the musicians could most enthusiastically share with their audience.

Are you interested in having your unique, personal piece? 
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